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Passwords generator is a special program for creation strong passwords with increased resistance to systems of automatic hacking by brute-force of characters or passwords in dictionary.

Why do we need in strong passwords?

It is recommend to use strong passwords in programs where you should not remember your password and enter it again and again for data access, for example, to e-mail Facebook or Skype.

How to crack passwords?

For hacking people use special programs which search and select password. The simplest method of selecting is bust all the characters.

Besides that, there is used method of selection with dictionaries. (In the web you can find a lot of free dictionary with more than 100,000 words.)

People very often use as a password dates (100 the next years, 365 days. As result, we have gotten 36500 available variants of passwords for this.). They lend themselves to the hacking of a few seconds or minutes.

Moreover, it is popularly to use "a secret word". I am afraid to disappoint you, but a secret word is just a simple word which you can find in dictionary, select as quickly as a date...The fact is that in our language there is no a lot of words. Lexicon of modern man is about 20 000 words, then dictionary programs know tens of thousands of words. This password can be guessed within a few minutes.

More difficult situation is situation when you use word not in the main form. Then amount of variants increase to 10 000 000. It has gone from a few hours to a few days for choosing word with dictionary. If you use phone number as a password, there will be variants not more than 100 000 000. Hacking this password will demand a few days. Or a few minutes, if we take your phone and rewrite all the numbers from the notebook, because, certainly, there are also what is your password.

Safe password

Safe password is a password which cannot be compromised by selecting. In this case your password must not be a simple word. In fact, it must be gibberish (Perfect, if it contains the numbers and also punctuation symbols) and length of the password —at least 8 characters, preferably more than 12 characters.

Make password

Default there the program will make a password which contains 12 random symbols.
It is enough minimum for today to provide password strength. In our case, it uses 86 symbols for generation. The program makes a password in 12 symbols. This password cannot be compromised by dictionary, because there are (8612) 100 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 combinations. Even the most modern computer cannot find password like this.

Passwords are made directly at your computer using Javascript. That is why they cannot be intercepted with the Internet traffic.

Strong password

How to create safe password?

About password hacking