Strong password


Strong password is difficult combination of symbols, for hacking which you must have a modern computer and time about 10 or 100 years. Strong password is a key which will be able to protect your private data. But users often neglect strong passwords. They pay later for it.

We offer for your attention selection of the most useless passwords.

Our list starts with passwords which you must never, in no circumstances use —set of numbers.

123456, 987654321, 11111 —this is not a password. You can think that you have asked to keep watch your flat a robber while you are not at home.

963852, 987654, 258963 —If you rearrange all numbers in some places, or take them to the "secret"queue, the result will not change:your flat will remain open.

12041985, 2458517 —dates of birthday of your relatives or forgotten phone numbers also useless passwords. They give up in a few seconds.

It will happen too with passwords like:qwerty, zxcvb, ytrewq and other.  If you do not want be hacked, you should imagine something more interesting.

Passwords with word "password"looks very original especially in different variations:pass, password, password1 and other. Look on them and never use for protection your accounts.

Names of grandmothers, fathers, friends, old fellow or even your own name continue top useless passwords. It does not matter what rare name you have used as a password, it must have already been recorded in the dictionary name of one of the world's languages. Even if you use in the beginning or ending 1 or even two 1, the password will not become stronger palpably. Vanessa, Milena1, daniel –forget such passwords as class.

Users often imagine "super-secret"word:cherry (favorite berry),manchester (favorite football command) or dragon (a fan to read about dragons) –in hope that hackers do not know about these details of their lives. Some people change the main form of word and inscribe it in the field "Password"with the peace of mind. We will open the secret:hackers should not know information about you and your habits, hobbies. All of these words are registered in the dictionary and all their forms, too. And much vocabularies attackers can use.

One more thing. Let's imagine you have a strong and safe password. There are letters of alphabet, numbers and special symbols. You use it in many accounts. I do not quarrel, it is very comfortable! But in a one moment, by ridiculous accident one your account was hacked. It happens when resource does not look over own security. Then you must change all the passwords without any compunction where was used the same password. The reliability of this password is not high. We are sure it certainly hit at the hacker lists of cracked passwords.

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