About hacking passwords


Passwords hacking, as we think, has become one of the most popular hackers action in the Internet. If you have never been hacked, it means that you do not use social networks and online services or you are master of making strong and safe passwords. 

Many passwords of almost users can be hacked in one or two minutes. That's not a big deal. Let's remember how often you use combination like 123456 or like qwerty or like jessy. The special program will decipher the similar password almost instantly.

How do hackers work? For the beginning they start "brute-force", it consists of checking all possible variants. Breaking of passwords which have no more than 6 symbols long with use of numbers and letters of the Latin alphabet of both cases will require several minutes. And here if there are about 8 symbols or even 10 and special symbols still be added, then it will be necessary to spend for breaking of such password years.

But this password can be hacked too. Hackers use a special "dictionary"for it, where all unusual passwords are recorded. As a rule, they were once lit in a network. Users often apply the same passwords for many own accounts because they are lazy and do not remember many variety passwords. Users do not want to bother every time with inventing new or remembering old. And if such password at one of services "flows away"or it will be cracked, then to change all the passwords not everyone will venture.

People often use as a password a "secret"word:name of dog or name of lovely wife or name of childhood friend or toy. Sometimes they change the main form of the word, write with mistakes or take as a password full phrase in hope that this password will become strong and safe. No, no, no! Perhaps, on it breaking some time will also be required, but in the presence of modern electronic dictionaries be sure:such password long will not resist.

So, what's kind of password will be never hacked? Absolutely —no one! But if you want to protect yourself, then you will use in your password uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. The length of the password must not be less than 12 symbols. Such password hackers can hack only if you give it to attackers yourself.

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